About the Company

Anita Cupid Naomi & Nicole Miraclesuit Curvy Kate

A. Yuval was founded in 2004 with the intention to market and distribute unique products that bring special value to the market.

During its operating years, the company have developed tight relationships with leading international brands, and introduced their products to the Israeli market.

A. Yuval is the exclusive importer for Anita lingerie from Austria, and Cupid products from the United States. Both Anita and Cupid are considered to be an authority in their field and their products are distributed around the world.

The products imported by A. Yuval were developed with deep understanding of the female body, and were manufactured using high quality materials and innovative techniques.

The company's customer base includes specialized chains and selected independent lingerie stores.

The company's agents are working closely with its clients in order to ensure an efficient distribution chain, and to provide swift response to the market needs.
The team in A. Yuval is highly experienced with vast knowledge of the international and regional market.

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